Electrical panels

Highly-skilled teams follow the completion of the electrical panel at every stage. We always employ high quality materials and technologies during the process in order to guarantee a top-notch product (compliant with regulations for electrical panels) and to deliver it within a reasonable time.



FM Group employs a wide range of technologies for working cables or multicore cables. Thanks to our high-quality equipment, we offer solutions ranging from mini-connections for electronic components to oil-pressure crimping for power circuits.



We offer the possibility of complete or partial electro-mechanical assemblies of our products on components supplied or ordered by the customer himself.

The company

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Over 20 years of experience

FM Group was founded in 2004 after the transfer of individual company EFFEEMME, which operated in the wiring and assemblying field on behalf of many companies in the Padua area since 1986. In 2005, FM Group headquarters moved to a new office located in Mestrino, Padua; the building is located in via della Tecnica and covers an area of over one thousand square meters.

Nowadays, FM Group is a landmark in the field of wiring and assembly of electrical panels. Strengthened by a remarkable know-how in manufacturing and an ever-growing solid structure, the company provides its costumers with high quality products, quick delivery times and personalized counseling in order to find the right solution for its customers.